The Beach Cake

by Nicola Williams

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Everything smells like suntan lotion – Micheal Franti and the spearheads

I love the beach, the warm summer rays and the soft salty breeze. I like the little moments in between the waves, the sound of nothingness, blissful, serene, peaceful.

This is a cake for Sarah, this is Sarah’s place, here Sarah finds her pieces of driftwood that she turns into beautifully created pieces of art, where she collects delightful shells and twisted rusted metal.

(Oops! Here come the iphone pictures!)

Skeletal creation, structural forms weathered and bare, exposed to the elements for far too long.

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Parched trees and peachy coral adorn the turquoise sea and rolling dunes.


The pieces begin to have life, a playful light-hearted quality of elation and wonder.


A sun deck perfect for two, perhaps this is a place she likes to read a good book and later watch the sunset.

(And were back to a canon, with someone behind the camera who knows what their doing!)

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The true essence of the beach, painted wood, muted tones, all softness and calm.

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Everything smells of suntan lotion, an ode to her favorite lyrics. Inhale and be transported to another moment in time and space.

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The perfect hideaway for the beach lover, a new England retreat, a place to surf and watch the dolphins.

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vintage lace parasols, English breakfast tea and a shortbread biscuit beach, yes please!

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Sarah’s favorite flowers frangipani grow wild on her beach.

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In between the roll of waves and the cries of the seagulls you can hear children’s laughter from the excitement of flying their very first kite!

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So the last rays of sun are upon us, the distinct smell of winter is in the air, but for the few days of summer left this is definitely where I would want to be.