The Festival Cake

by Nicola Williams

festival cake-26

The perfect festival starts with good weather, amazing friends, great music and hopefully fantastic food and by food of course I mean cake!

festival cake-1

festival cake-10

If you could create your own little festival, what kind of place would it be? A little bit retro, romantic and whimsical, neon bright and white lights or rustic vintage?

For Rosie this was going to be a chic retro affair!

festival cake-3

So with a pop of neon brights, Welcome to Rosiebury 2014!

festival cake-5

The metaphorical music stage created with wire that I formed into music notes.

festival cake-9festival cake-11

This is a cake for the music lover, for the person who likes to feel the grass between their toes whilst they sway to the beat, the person who likes to rough it just a little bit, but at heart, they are a true glamper!

festival cake-13

floating balloons and shabby chic tipis fade off into the distance, along with all the merry festival goers…..this is a moment for Rosie and her loved ones!

festival cake-14

festival cake-16

Orange is the new black! Sometimes you have got to just start from scratch, yes I nearly missed a trick, I made loads of beautiful pink poppies only to remember Rosie isn’t a pink kinda girl and as she loves the show……..!

festival cake-15festival cake-17

When the sun begins to set, the fireworks come out!

festival cake-19

festival cake-24

festival cake-23

Swaying to the beat burning man style!

festival cake-20festival cake-22

Gold covered spheres and sugar candy trees these are what great days are made of!

festival cake-25

Oh, imagine, if only this festival cake were real!