The Frozen New Forest Cake

by Nicola Williams

The Frozen New Forest Cake-5

When Emily told me that she needed a delicious piece of art for her friend Lyndsey who would be leaving them all to teach music at a school in the middle of the new forest I was enchanted!

The Frozen New Forest Cake-1 The Frozen New Forest Cake-2

I could see this vivid new forest cake in all its green and lush splendor in my head, it would be vibrant and whimsical with little woodland creatures. Then she said she was obsessed with the movie Frozen and my forest froze over!

The Frozen New Forest Cake-3

The vivid greens turned a stark blue and everything was dripping in ice crystals.

 The Frozen New Forest Cake-6The Frozen New Forest Cake-5

I needed to achieve a balance in this frozen world. Lyndsey is a warm person who loves to teach and share her passion for music with her students so I needed to keep a warmth through the blues and whites.

The Frozen New Forest Cake-1

In blue hues I recreate the iconic Frozen castle and grand staircase in which all the students can take refuge when the winds start blowing and the snow falls. Here Lyndsey will teach her students.

The Frozen New Forest Cake-2

She sweeps past the fountain and sits at her grand piano, the soft notes carry through the frozen forest and her beloved tulips dance in the crisp air.

The Frozen New Forest Cake-4The Frozen New Forest Cake-11

The great pine trees sparkle and gleam in the morning sunlight, blue ice crystals hanging from the trees send streams of light across the forest floor, which is painted in her favorite food shops stripes (a little inside joke to keep her smiling all the way home)!

The Frozen New Forest Cake-9

A monochromatic blue toned landscape.

The Frozen New Forest Cake-8

I hope the Lyndsey is still enjoying her new life and that it has a little bit of the magic that I created in The Frozen New Forest Cake!

The Frozen New Forest Cake-1