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Here all the creative pathways meander into one everlasting journey.

The Lucie in Wunderland Cake!


I always love making cakes for people, I bake a lot of cakes, but when someone wants something a bit special that’s when the fun begins (Well some stressful moments as well)!  An ambiguous list of Lucie’s likes given to me by her friend Tanya was the beginning of this creation.

Funny German words, netball, writing lists, wine, the place where her sisters live – Oz and the nickname dog. OK, so this had me worrying just a little. How do I make this work without throwing a netball, bottle of wine and some lists onto a cake? You somehow (Talks with Tanya, having a peek on pintrest, working with the knowledge you only have a few days to do this!) stumble onto the idea of creating a Tim Burton/Wizard of Oz/Alice in Wonderland bespoke world for Lucie.

As for the cake itself, I was told she likes chocolate (Really, why wouldn’t you!) but she also likes something a bit lighter in flavour and with the feel of this cake I thought that I would make her my zesty crumbly lemon drizzle cake with spicy fresh ginger buttercream.

I could just picture them all having fun and laughing together whilst Tanya takes Lucie on a little voyage around Wunderland!

And so it begins…………


Painting the fondant pieces for me gives them a dream like quality and depth that reminds me of watching Alice in Wonderland as a child. I think detail is everything, even the smallest detail on the simplest cake can change the whole feel.


Yes this spider does stand by himself! He didn’t quite make it on this cake though, 8 inch’s is not a lot of room. I may have been slightly over zealous!


The best bit…….Cake iced, set made, time to put this delirious world together!


When I’m placing the pieces I always just work by eye, I know where I want things to go from my drawings but when it comes to actually working on the cake you really do need to go with the flow!


The final piece……


This was originally going to be green, I thought lush and forestry with a feel of Australia, but as my highly intelligent partner so rightfully pointed out I was thinking of New Zealand! Now I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I had such a blast making The Lucie In Wuderland universe and when I brought the cake to Tanya her face said it all. I have a feeling Lucie felt just a little extra special that birthday!


My first step!

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not – Pablo Picasso

I really love the feel of grass beneath my feet and in between my toes, it makes me feel like I’m a child again, it makes me float away and daydream. I squint my eyes and watch as the afternoon sunlight flickers through the branches of the trees whose leaves are softly whispering to me in the gentle breeze.

I like being that child again, just for a moment, so that I am able to plunge headfirst into my expanse of unconscious thought, into my beautiful illuminated field of creation. Here everything is possible. I wait in serious and silent thought, just thinking of how I can make something happen when everybody else says its impossible!

This is not an easy task for me, I have always found it hard to open up and share my world, but you know what they say…..

Creativity is contagious. Pass it on – Albert Einstein

So here we go, come feel the grass between your toes, relax, have fun and join me for a while down Nelipot Lane.

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