The Spring Clean!

by Nicola Williams

So I seem to find that I am still getting used to having a blog.

I have all the material, I do a lot of creative things and am surrounded by talented creative people, but the writing, now that’s another matter. I could talk about what I feel or why I did this or that for days, writing is where you think about what you will say then type, then correct some things, then think about it some more and rewrite and then maybe it’s not quite right so…well you get the picture, but I’m working on that!

Honestly, I am, really, this is where I get to posting every week (There I said it and I can’t go back on it now) no excuses. There is going to be a little spring clean going on here, this is the time, my home, my life and Nelipot Lane.

So whilst you are waiting for the new look here’s just a little something I whipped up…….